142 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley, California 94941

"Drawing on 25 years of comedic insight, outrage and commentary, nationally known Comedian and commentator for 60 Minutes II Jimmy Tingle has constructed another hilarious, thought provoking and politically charged one man show based on his 2008 run for the Whitehouse. In lie of consultants, volunteers or campaign contributions, Tingle employs "the gift of laughter" for 90 minutes each night campaigning with passion, intellect and creativity on every issue from Immigration and education to Global warming and national healthcare.

Running as the nominee of "The American Peace Party" which he founded in 2000, it is Jimmy Tingle's hope to use his campaign and the party to create a vehicle to raise the consciences of the American people and help move this great nation out of the wilderness of partisan politics and despair and into the “promised land "of hope, laughter, optimism, progress, prosperity and peace with humor. Despite the seriousness of the issues, don't worry it's funny.

Official Website: http://www.142throckmortontheatre.org

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