2 Stockton Street
SAN FRANCISCO, California 94108

Jimmy Carter signs books at the new Cody's Books at 2 Stockton St. next to the Virgin Megastore and across from the Apple Store. Not a reading. 39th U.S. President. Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Author.

From the Cody's website:
PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER comes to Cody's to sign copies of his newest book, OUR ENDANGERED VALUES: America's Moral Crisis. President Jimmy Carter says that America?s most basic precepts ? such as free and open debate on controversial issues, the protection of civil liberties and personal privacy, the separation of church and state, the use of our power and influence around the world, the nurturing of global freedom and human rights, and protecting the environment ? are being challenged by a fundamentalist shift in government and in our houses of worship in ways previously thought unimaginable. The result is a moral crisis that threatens the values espoused by our nation since its founding.

Added by onebison on January 3, 2006