2201 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704

JESSE KELLERMAN brings us a scary nail-biter of a thriller, TROUBLE. Just when you though it was safe to save a damsel-in-distress, she turns out to be your worst nightmare. So finds a young, idealistic medical student, whose naiveté sucks him into a vortex of TROUBLE. An expertly crafted combination of “ER”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, the film noir “Body Double”, and the movie thriller, “Single White Female”, Kellerman’s new novel features an extremely sympathetic protagonist and one of the most twisted and wicked “baddies” to hit the page. Kellerman’s first book, Sunstroke, won accolades across the country. A Harvard graduate, he says he had always wanted to write a love story, but he sure has a funny, frightening way of telling it. Tony Hillerman calls him “an exciting new voice in the mystery field”; Sue Grafton calls his writing “masterful”, and Robert B. Parker says “quite simply brilliant”. Kellerman has been a fellow at New Dramatists, the playwrights’ collective in New York, and his work has been produced at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 7:00 PM at Cody’s Fourth Street, Berkeley

Official Website: http://www.codysbooks.com/calendar/jan07Calendar.jsp

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