1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

Jena Semantic Web Programming with Taylor Cowan, Sanjiva Nath & Jeremy Carroll

In this Semantic Web Programming session we have a good mix of hands-on coding and a selection of programming related presentations.


12.00pm kick-off, introduction
12.30pm presentations
3.30pm Lunch break
4.00pm Coding projects discussions
4.30pm Coding
6.00pm Round up -project presentations
7.00pm closing
8.00pm dinner off-site

Introduction to Jena - Jeremy CarrollĀ TopQuadrant
- Jena and Semantic Web Standards
- The Model API
- Overview of the Graph API + Inference

Java Application Development - Taylor Cowan
- JenaBean
- JenaBean fluent interface pattern
- jpa4jena and annotated SPARQL named queries

GeoSparql and Geospatial Relationship Processing - Marco Neumann
- Standards
- Geospatial Relationship Types RCC8
- spatial indexing and access methods

Architecture review for integrated product development with Jena - Sanjiva Nath
- Integration as a Web service
- UI

Graph SPI, and why you might want to implement your own graphs - Jeremy CarrollĀ TopQuadrant
- The Graph SPI is useful for advanced application developers, who can add additional middleware type function

Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/The-San-Francisco-Semantic-Web-Meetup/calendar/11978192/

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