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Jeff Walker

Product Launch Formula 2 is HERE !

Jeff Walker is the creator of the successful Product Launch Formula and he is going to launch Product Launch Formula 2 very soon. The prelaunch has already raised a lot of expectations. If you don't know who Jeff Walker is, then you should read the following paragraphs written by himself.

The odds are very good that you have never heard of me. That is because I have been sitting off in a little corner of the Internet since 1996, quietly running an internet publishing business. Most of my friends don't have a clue what I do for a living - but the ones that know what I am doing say that I have a license to print money.

And the fact is, that is awfully close to the truth.

The name of this site is "Six Figures In Seven Days". And yes, I have done that - I have actually made more than $106,000.00 in one seven day period. That was pretty thrilling, for me... and for my bank - the people at the bank just about freaked out when all those dollars started pouring in through my credit card merchant account. In fact, I had one of those high up muckity mucks from the bank calling me on the phone within a few hours once the orders started rolling in.

But let me tell you what is even more thrilling than all those dollars piling into my bank... and that is having the knowledge that enables me to build hyper-profitable web sites. If you already have an internet business, I can help you uncover hidden revenue streams and build new profit pulling products.

And if you don't have an internet business yet, I can show you how to build one that is finely tuned so it is profitable from the start.

Official Website: http://www.squidoo.com/jeffwalker1

Added by Jeff Walker on March 8, 2008