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San Jose, California 95113

America's falling in Love with the characters created by Jeff Dunham- Peanut, Walter, and Jose Jalapeno. It only takes a moment to realize the Dunham Show is truly an extraordinary experience. This comedian's quick wit and expert interaction with his audience excite sold out concert halls and comedy club venues across the country. Touring 40 weeks and playing over 250 dates a year, Dunham also enjoys the support of a passionate fan club. Among Dunham's side-kicks is Walter, an elderly curmudgeon who speaks his mind about anyone and anything. Walter is the grump everyone loves to hate. Peanut, a fuzzy purple "Woozle" is an endearing loveable terror, while Jose is a self belittling jalapeno on a stick! Dunham's comedic skill and impeccable technique shifts attention twards his charchaters and away from the fact that Dunham is a Ventriloquist Extraordinaire...! Dunham has been on the Tonight show..with Carson and recently with Martin Short, Jay Leno, Rosie O'Donnell, and Howie Mandel. He has also appeared on numerous comedy shows such as: Comedy Central's "Premium Blend", TNN's "Hot Country Nights", and ABC's "Ellen". You also may have seen Jeff and Walter hosting "Sofa Cinema", TNN's weekly tuesday night movie. Additionally he has guest starred on "Good Morning America", "Entertainment Tonight", TNN"s "Prime Time Country", HBO and Showtime. Dunham has taken his act from the club circuit to sold-out concert venues as a national Headliner. No stranger to the theatrical stage, he has also toured with the broadway musical "Sugar Babies". A master entertainer, Dunham has been featured as the opening act for Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, the critiquing "Saturday Night Live" and Flying aborad Hope's Lear jet. Jeff Dunham's interviews are a rollercoaster adventure! Whether it's television, radio, or Print his experience, charm, and ability to bring a funny and insightful perspective to topical issues guarantees an interview you will be proud of and thoroughly enjoy! For another Look into Dunham's world, Check out his website at www.onastick.com

Show Times:
Oct 27 @ 8PM
Oct 28 @ 8 and 10PM
Oct 29 @ 7, 9 and 11PM
Oct 30 @ 7PM

Added by courtneyp on September 22, 2005



has this been cancelled? it is no longer listed on his site nor the improv's site... hrrrmmm...


Yup. Cancelled. Sadness sadness.

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