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Portland, Oregon

Redefine the way you experience the Human Condition!

Portland, Oregon - 11/10/2010 - Wednesday nights in Portland have become a lot more interesting with the addition of Reed McClintock's live Hypnosis show Jedi Mind F*ck.
Have you ever wondered how a frantic mother is able to lift a car off her child? How advertisers manipulate you? How your mind can make you immune to pain? Let Reed take you on a journey to places that you never knew existed. So if you have ever been curious about the forbidden secrets of the mind, come on down and experience something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

This is the show that has all of Portland talking. It is the only place in town to see a LIVE hypnosis show.

Reed McClintock is a new breed of magician: The Hybrid Magician.
Reed is an entertainer who is indescribable; he is above typical categorical clich├ęs; above a single defining label, i.e. magician, mentalist, sideshow performer, hypnotist, psychologist, inventor, author, speaker, world-class entertainer. His performances blend a seamless flow of lucid hypnosis, masterfully crafted mind control, aristocratic sideshow, and a divine display of prestidigitation. McClintock weaves a tapestry that is absolute in its elegance.

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