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“Weiss is representative of a postmodern generation of young composers for the small jazz ensemble (Ryan Cohan, John Hollenbeck, Anthony Wilson are others) that is interested in going beyond the head-solos-head format to more elaborately developed forms.” Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes
“Two pianist-composers who lead small bands - Randy Weston, a veteran jazz master who grew up in the bebop era, and Ezra Weiss, who’s still in his twenties - are responsible for this month’s winning spins. Despite their obvious differences, both have forged highly personal styles for themselves and their groups.” George Kanzler, Hot House
“The album has a fine balance, the brighter tunes bringing in a surge of joy, the darker ones not clouding the horizon but revealing some fine material that draws the listener into its pith.” Jerry D’Souza, AllAboutJazz.com
“As a writer, pianist Weiss, not yet 30, has a distinctive persona, bop-rooted but with a contemporary perspective. His attractive, deceptively simple pieces have character, the ensemble voicings beautifully balanced, the performances' proportions right; nothing's overdone. . . . It's his writing which lifts this fine session to another level.”
Ray Comiskey, The Irish Times
“The title track is totally gorgeous. . . . Both drummers (who alternate tracks) are more than just time-keepers, and they ensure that Weiss’ compositions have that element of strong swing that eludes some classical/jazz mix efforts. Sonics are also first rate.”
John Sunier, Audiophile Audition
“On his new album, ‘Persephone’ (Umoja), the pianist Ezra Weiss proves himself a confident composer and arranger in the progressive mainstream.” Nate Chinen, The New York Times



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