3551 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, California 90089

Words can hardly offer Yerba Buena the sort of praise they deserve as a band. Combining an Afro-Cuban framework with cumbia, salsa, merengue and flamenco rhythms, Yerba Buena?s exotic beats set a firm backbone to their infectious melodies and choruses. With incredible energy and a unique style, Yerba Buena is able to create intricately developed music that is in many ways untraditional, yet still familiar to the ear. Somehow, within the intricate compositions of their live-band party sound, Yerba Buena produce?s perfect dynamic control while showcasing their musical virtuosity. The result is songs that almost effortlessly progress and flow with ruthless passion.
The brainchild of acclaimed producer Andres Levin, New York?s Latin-funk collective Yerba Buena came together as an outgrowth of Levin?s extensive discography. Including work as principal producer of the Red Hot Organization?s applauded Red Hot + Riot album, Levin? has produced records for Aterciopelados, Los Amigos Invisibles, El Gran Silencio, Ely Guerra, Carlinhos Brown, Moreno Veloso and La Portuaria, to name a few.
Yerba Buena?s sound is a product of Levin?s musical vision: an all-encompassing blend of Afrobeat, funk, hip-hop and pop elements with a firm Cuban foundation?all richly melodic and intensely percussive. Perfecting a mind-bending original Afro-Cuban/afrobeat/hip-hop attack both on record and on stage, Yerba Buena is certain that it may be the party that reeled you in, but it is the unique style and skills that will keep you wanting more.

Added by USCSpectrum on March 8, 2006