830 S Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90014

JAZZ TONIC | Broadway Bar | DTLA

A new weekly night of sophisticated fun in Downtown LA. "Jazz Tonic" is a night of jazz in all it's forms.

Cool Jazz, Acid Jazz, Jazzy House, Jazz Funk, Jazzy Soul, Latin Jazz, Abstract Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazzy Hip Hop, Jazzy Drum & Bass and…

Mixmaster Noah Massey & A-Ski
+ Jazz Poet A.K. Toney + special guests & live musicians

This night is a "Top Shelf" collaboration of artists, bringing together a diverse groups and individuals with an ear for quality music and on this night the music is Jazz! We are really looking forward to having down some of the top players in the DJ world of LA and beyond, getting them to dig out their Jazz collections for an appreciative crowd of true music heads. Along with guest DJ's, Jazz Tonic will host weekly guest Poet's/MC's who are at the top of their game to tastefully shine on the mic. However we don't stop there...

Each week we will try to bring you talented Jazz Musicians and occasionally full Jazzy Groups to perform alone and with the DJ and Poet/MC. This is where the magic happens! Thankfully if you can't make it in person, the whole night will be streamed live on the web through Astronaut Disco on U-Stream. Both audio and video from the night will be broadcast live and available later for viewing. Below is the link.


As if this weren't enough the drink specials are all night long and are AMAZING!

$4 Drinks!

The Broadway Bar itself is a gorgeous venue, a bit of a time machine taking you back to a Los Angeles that disappeared long ago. Deep rich wallpaper and wood, an unique and beautiful bar, Dark, moody lighting, even the Upholstery is cool. You are going to love this place.

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