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[ANN] JAVAWUG BOF 34 Auto-Magic Web Applications built with AppThena :: London, UK :: 12-Feb-2008

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JavaWUG BOF 34 has been confirmed!

Talk: Auto-Magic Web Applications built with AppThena

Speaker: Richard Gemmell

Date: Tuesday 12th February 2008

Venue: Skills Matter, London (directions)

Web applications are now pretty well understood, so why do we still need to put so much effort into building them?
Even the latest generation of tools such as Hibernate and Spring haven't cut the cost of development enough to make them affordable to small businesses.

During this talk, Richard Gemmell proposes that once we have a data model, much of the work that goes into a web application can be done auto-magically.
This allows us to build applications in a very different way. Instead of gluing pieces together until we have a finished application,
why not start with a complete but basic application and then add the unique behaviour that we need?

Richard is the architect of AppThena; a tool that creates web applications from any database auto-magically.
This talk covers the rationale for creating applications this way, the design of AppThena and a demonstration that creates a CRUD application in 1 minute flat.
Along the way, Richard will discuss some of the problems he ran into with AppThena. He promises not to swear too much when Oracle is mentioned.

If you build web applications and have ever had to explain to your boss or the customer that "these things take time" then you'll enjoy this talk.
You'll need a basic knowledge of relational databases, object-relational mapping and web application design to get the most out of it.

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