1119 8th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98101

Being an evening of music, stories and other entertainments, featuring Mr. Webley and a plethora of other musicians, artists and performers. All for the paltry sum of $11 US dollars.

On July 3rd, 1998 I invited my friends and acquaintances over to my old house in Seattle to perform a batch of songs that I had just recorded and released as a CD. I didn't realize at the time that I was starting a music career, I was just throwing a party. But that night was definitely the first time I ever really performed my solo music publicly. It was also the release of my first album, "Viaje," and the beginning of an unrelentingly beautiful and surprising journey that has taken me and my music to so many places and hearts around this world.

To celebrate the 11-year anniversary of that date, I've rented Town Hall Seattle (my most favorite venue in my most favorite home town) and invited most of the musician and artist friends that I've worked with over these past eleven years to join me for what I believe will be a very special night.

Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, Reverend Peyton of The Big Damn Band, Michigan folk singer Andru Bemis and Jay Thompson of "Eleven Saints" fame are all flying in to be a part of this show. My ridiculously talented long-time bandmates Jherek Bischoff (bass), Michael McQuilken (drums), and Alex Guy (viola) are reuniting to accompany me, as are many of the string and horn players who have worked with me over these eleven years.

And a number of friends from the theater and dance worlds who have lent their talents in the past to make my big spectacle shows possible will be joining me again to help make this night something special. Please come celebrate eleven years of screaming, stomping and squeezing with us!

Official Website: http://www.jasonwebley.com/

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