416 25th St.
Oakland, California 94612

Seattle's Jason Webley appears like a back alley prophet in layers of baggy clothes, a trench coat and an old porkpie hat; he leaps onto stages, window ledges and bartops, feverishly pumping the bellows of his accordion and stomping out the beat while roaring and whispering in his passionate, gravelly baritone. His music - a mix of gypsy, folk and punk - traverses age and social background, drawing grandparents, children, punks, drunks, and lovers into the fold. He likes to sing about death, carousing, and vegetables. He recently released a much- awaited new album, Only Just Beginning, and his performances always include a mixture of old and new songs, entertaining anecdotes, and innovative sociological experiments. An exceptionally charismatic performer and talented musician, Webley is also unpretentious and appreciative of his audience's attempts at witty banter, so much so that he will humor requests for Cyndi Lauper songs. Just don't ask him to play Christmas Carols.
$5-$10 Sliding Scale

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