444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

Friday September 8
10:00 pm (doors at 8:30)
(all ages)
Japanese New Music Festival
The Ruins and Acid Mothers Temple will play individually and together as 7 acts.
Acid Mothers Temple
-ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SWR(tsuyama/yoshida/kawabata)
-RUINS ALONE(yoshida)
-ZUBI ZUVA X(tsuyama/yoshida/kawabata)
-SHRINP WARK(yoshida/kawabata)

ZUBI ZUVA X (Yoshida/Tsuyama/Kawabata)
Eccentric poly-rhythmic a cappella ensemble. It covers from Gregorian
chant to ethnic music, to do-wop to hardcore screaming, heavily using
irregular rhythms and polyrhythm. All sorts of ideas and aberrant
musicality overturn the image of a cappella. their totally
meaningless lyrics and desperate performances throw the audiences
into the abyss of the laughter and admiration. it makes the concept
of "singing ability"nonsense.

AKATEN (Tsuyama/Yoshida)
Formed in 1995 with the motto of "irresponsibleness" and
"perfunctoriness." They easily free themselves from the spell of the
traditional seriousness of the art. Using daily commodities like
scissors, toothbrush, zipper, camera, and plastic bottle as
percussions, and shouting their brand names over and over as the
"songs," the show is performed under the concept of low cost and
maximum sound effect. AKATEN is the experimental convenience store
punk band that provides the sound images of cheap and simple daily

RUINS is pioneer of Drum & Bass duo. Tunes are complicated and
mysterious, and songs are sung in the language of their own
invention. It's high-tension, wild, heavy, speedy, acute, and
powerful tremendous ensemble never sounds like they are only two
players. since last bassist left Yoshida still seeking a bassist and
currently he has been playing as RUINS ALONE. playing RUINS songs
with sampling bass. this time Yoshida will play songs from Koenji
Hyakkei and Korekyojinn too.

ZOFFY (Tsuyama/Kawabata)
Formed in 1998. Zoffy's music hints both at the members' deep musical
knowledge via their improvised performances of troubadour music and
European trad, and also at their deep love for rock via their
destructivist covers of classic rock songs, that
no longer sounds like anything but ZOFFY. The group believes
that humor is essential in music, and their unprecedented
performances stray far from the beaten track. Is this the Ultima
Thule that rock music has long been aiming for?

SHRINP WARK (Kawabata/Yoshida)
A new improvising duo consisting of Yoshida from Ruins and Kawabata
from AMT. group inspired by This Heat and band name taken from their
song "Shrink Wrap". Cosmic chemical reaction sound that embraces a
multidimensional chaos based upon the principles of minimalism, an
anarchistic warping of the time axis, and ultra-accelerated revolving
of time particles.

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SWR (Kawabata/Tsuyama/Yoshida)
Acid Mothers Temple have rapidly become acclaimed as the greatest,
most extreme trip psychedelic group in the world. Releases have
appeared on labels around the world at an amazing pace, and the
magnificence of their live performances is already being whispered of
as legendary. SWR is the AMT Family's most powerful battle-formation
yet. featuring Tsuyama and Kawabata from the original AMT and
Yoshida from Ruins. their crushingly acute freakout sound will
pulverize the world's legions of wannabe psych groups.

SEIKAZOKU (Kawabata/Tsuyama/Yoshida)
Formed in 1996. The expansive musicality of the group, which
nonchalantly references classic prog and rock, ethnic music, jazz and
contemporary composition, is backed up the three members' impressive
backgrounds and the depth of their musical knowledge. Improvised
music for holy trinity heresy that runs the full gamut of ethnic and
electric instruments, primitive stupidity, the suspicious stench of
medieval alchemy, the raw power of early rock music, all leavened
with a pinch of cosmic incoherency.

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Hope this is a good festical


Yeah thanks to this persistent typo I'll be the one at the show murmuring "festical, festical, festical" all night long.


I changed the event name and now your comment makes no sense! Mwuhahaha!