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*Konnichiwa~ from Audrey BENTEN Tokyo*

I am so happy to announce to all of you that
we are coming back to USA in March again
with new coolest Japanese bands !:

Line up of SXSW Japan Nite US tour 2007
1. THE EMERALDS (3-piece rock)
2. Go!Go!7188 (Girls Rock) -NY/Chicago/SXSW/SF/LA
3. The 50Kaitenz (Rock'N'Roll!!)
4. ORESKABAND (All teenage girl ska punk) -SXSW/SF/LA
5. HY(No. sales J-rock from Okinawa island)
6. Pistol Valve (10 pcs all girl brass band)
7. Asakusa Jinta ( Pychobilly punk marching band)

Official Website: http://sxsw-asia.com/JapanNite2007/tourdate.html

Added by the wily filipino on January 17, 2007


the wily filipino

Looks like the Emeralds are off this part of the tour -- they've disappeared from the site, and they're not on the listing at the Independent's website either.


Go!Go!7188 rock out very hard.


Yes, here is the line up of The Independent

GO!GO!7188: Girls Alternative Rock
HY: Rock band from Okinawa island
The 50 Kaitenz: Garage Rock'N'Roll
ORESKABAND: All Teenage girl Ska punk
ASAKUSA JINTA: Pychobilly punk maching band

Vist tour my space


Some of my friends went to the Chicago show and had an amazing time. They said Asakusa Jinta are the band to watch for, and Pistol Valve was good even if we don't get to see them (we get Oreskaband instead).

Go!Go!7188 only played six songs ;_; they need to play for a full hour!


Saw this bill at SXSW. Let me tell you The 50 Kaitenz are incredible!