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An extraordinary handbook: with clarity and humor, it tells the story that even good writers have been longing to hear.

"Here’s a book that is entertaining when it needs to be (all the time) and informative when it needs to be (all the time). You get seven clean, clear chapters of how-to that will help anyone who ever has to write." (Rick Kleffel, Bookotron.com)

"Janis Bell is the warm, smart English teacher you wish you’d had, and [this] is the grammar book you’ve been waiting for." (Samantha Berry, Marin magazine)

This is not a comprehensive tracking of every nut and bolt that ever came loose within an English sentence; it is a focused discussion of the narrow range of problems that American writers typically face. From confusion over grammar to tangles with usage, to questions about punctuation, Janis Bell addresses them with transparency and grace. She discusses the issues, gives plenty of examples, provides quizzes and answers, and makes sure that readers are engaged throughout. .

An English professor and writing consultant since 1973, Janis Bell teaches writing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Official Website: http://www.keplers.com

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