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Few celebrity siblings can emerge from the shadows of their already famous relations to become superstars in their own right and with their own distinct personalities. That's exactly what Janet Jackson did in becoming one of the biggest female pop and R&B stars of the '80s and '90s.

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I attended the amazing, outstanding, wonderful, remarkable event. Although it wrongfully recieved a negative review from the tampon commentator with the Dallas Morning News (Tasteless Publication anyway) The fans who attended were not disappointed. She gave a magical performance, in which one who truly knows the work of Ms. Jackson; would not expect anything less. She not only sang, which I am sorry to informed all of the Hater's was not nearly as pre-recorded as the critics try to site. You could hear her breathing as she sang, if she was going to pre-record the concert, why not just use the original recording and why have a band? That is just stupid beyond understanding to me. She is an amazing entertainer at the very least and it was a truly ejoyable experience. On a closing note, Janet is the only enterainer I will pay to see perform as she always gives a top-notch performance.

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