1119 8th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98101

From the event page:

How well-informed are we? Where does an informed electorate get the news? Can we influence the lockstep inanity of the mainstream press? Are blogs the answer? When does national security trump the public’s right to know? Whatever happened to the fairness doctrine? Why is Fox news so successful? What we can do to restore diversity and fairness to the nation’s media? Can our democracy survive without it?

Net proceeds from this special event will benefit Foolproof – articulating and amplifying progressive thought in the service of American democracy!
You remember…checks and balances, individual liberty, an independent press, equal justice under the law, free and fair elections, community, opportunity and accountability?
Tickets are $75 (priority), $45 (patron), $25 (student/senior); some of each ticket price is tax-deductible.

Official Website: http://foolproof.org/2006/season/JaneaneGarofalo.html

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If you want some hippies to preach to the choir and argue one and only one point of the discussions brought up, there is the place to be.