1418 South Darien Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

8:00, $15 (includes a copy of "Second Wave"), free food and beer

The Jane Anchor (Record Release Show!)
Vocalist Kara Lafty's singing ranges from ironic confession to high drama. The right-on abilities of the band builds up riffs that make each tune refreshing, if not a little intoxicating. Layers and layers of sparkling guitar chords rain down during the catchiest parts of these songs, making them even more intense. Brief, almost bluesy leads, work to accent the overall bravado of the record. What sets the songwriting prowess of Ms. Lafty apart from the hoards of fakers and pretenders is her overwhelming love of the almighty guitar and the pure dynamics of a tight rock band. Her imagination, emotions and the looming visage of a distortion pedal meet in a lovely union. (Pulse of the Twin Cities)

Grandfabric attempts to exist somewhere in the middle of "twangy Wilco" and "arty Wilco" but about things really start cooking when they start making sweet pop with just the right amount of production fuss andalt-country muss. (PW)


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