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Meet Jan Machacek, chief architect of the Cake project, expert on Java and the Spring Framework, author of Pro Spring 3, published by Apress.

In this 4 day intense Practical Spring Developer Bootcamp, Jan will teach you everything you need to build and deploy a Spring based application. You we see why the Spring Framework is a good choice for building your applications and how to efficiently structure and make your code maintainable and scalable.

You will learn techniques and tools that will dramatically increase your day to day productivity as a software developer. You will learn about the principles of good application design and how the core of the Spring Framework implements those principles. We will then introduce aspect-oriented programming; followed by discussion of efficient data access using raw JDBC or Hibernate. We then build on top of the code we have created to demonstrate the services tier that brings together all concepts in the course. We finish on a high note by showing how to take the server-side code in an elegant web application and will complete the course by showing how easy it is to add support for RESTful interfaces.

Upon completion of this Practical Spring for Developers Bootcamp, you should be equipped with a practical, applied understanding of the following concepts:

* explore & understand the core design patterns of flexible software design
* design and implement loosely-coupled systems
* follow the contemporary architectural practice
* understand how Spring Framework helps implement such systems
o understand the principles of good application design using the Spring Framework
o gain good understanding of the core classes in the Spring Framework to create your applications
* re-discover the joy of Java programming again!

To find out more and sign up, visit Skills Matter's website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/java-jee/jan-machaceks-practical-spring-developer-bootcamp/zx-1145

Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/java-jee/jan-machaceks-practical-spring-developer-bootcamp/zx-1145

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