800 Post St. @ Leavenworth
San Francisco, California 94109

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Posted by MannyB of Fleeting Trance -

Apr 11, 2008 8:41 AM

Subject: I'm playing w/ james Colley tomorrow evening in S.F.

Body: listen folks

I'll be playing some bass, banjo, and harmonica!
with Mr. James Colley tomorrow @ the Cafe Royale in San Francisco, Ca; located at the corner of Post & Levenworth

the show is tomorrow
Saturday, April 12th @ 8pm
also on the bill is JJ Schultz playing solo acoustic as far as I know : )

Keep your heads up no matter what life throws your way, or what you throw your own way or what you stand in front of, or what hits you from behind, or from the sky, or from the side, or diagnolly, or from the ground, or....well just stay positive and be a good person for godsakes.

www. jamescolley. com

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