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In celebration of Black History Month, The Oscars and the breakthrough records set forth by Nigeria’s Nollywood, Jamati.com has joined forces with RockCity Entertainment in Association with Codeblack/Vivendi Visual Entertainment (the video division of Universal Music Group Distribution) to bring you The Amazing Grace Movie Premiere Event.

The Amazing Grace Movie is described as “One of the Most Important Black History Films of the Decade,” as it tells the true to life tale of the story behind the world's most famous spiritual hymn, "Amazing Grace." "Amazing Grace" was originally an African song sung often in the land and later on the slave ships. The English verses were later composed by slave trader John Newton, as a reflection of his redemption after retiring from the heinous slave trade business.

"Our goal was to tell a uniquely African story with universal appeal." explains Wilson Ebiye, CEO of RockCity Entertainment and executive producer of the film. "As the direct descendents of this world tragedy, it was important to us to utilize high production standards in conveying this important history lesson. Our film is authentic and conveys elements of our history never fully explored on film before. The Amazing Grace is also the first Nigerian/Nollywood film to be distributed widely throughout North America.”

“Nollywood is a $4 billion movie enterprise so it is only fitting that Africa’s Premiere Entertainment Portal pay homage to this explosive industry with Crimson Carpet Coverage of this much anticipated Hollywood event;” said Elias Mageto – Founder of Diaspora Interactive Media and parent company of Jamati.com.

According to Roxana Bangura, Events Director and Jamati Entourage Curator, “Nigerian Model/Actor Oris Erhuero (Sometimes In April, Hurricane In A Rose Garden), will be on hand to cover this historic event on behalf of Jamati.com. We are extremely excited to be working with both Oris Erhuero and Wilson Ebiye on this project and are proud of and inspired by their unwavering support of our brand,” Ms. Bangura further commented.

It is Ebiye's vision to shatter the stereotypes about Nigerians while contributing culturally to Black people around the globe. As the producer behind "HipHop Story: Tha Movie," which featured stars the likes of Tupac Shakur, P. Diddy and Jay Z, Ebiye is no newcomer to Hollywood. As a native Nigerian, he has combined his talent and connections to bring both worlds together.

Written, directed and produced by Jeta Amata, a Nollywood mainstay, and starring Nick Moran ("Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels") as the slave ship captain and hymn composer, John Newton, the film is highly emotive and authentic in production. The shackles and chains used in the film are the actual remnants of slavery, borrowed from the Slavery Museum in Nigeria. Shot on location in Nigeria and London, the scenery and photography are breathtaking. The horrors of human trade are brought to life as never before.

Official Website: http://www.jamati.com

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