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Jair Oliveira is one of the hottest singers, composers and producers in Brazil today. Rooted in samba but well-versed in jazz, R&B, electronic, bossa nova and funk, Jair's sound is progressive while remaining earthy and grounded. It pushes past clichÈs yet is unmistakably Brazilian. His arrangements are complex and edgy, his lyrics, clever and sensitive, his voice, gentle and genuine, and his manner, engaging and at-ease.

Son of the legendary singer Jair Rodrigues, Oliveira (or Jairzinho as he was known), was a child star who from six years of age through his teens, recorded on more than ten albums, selling over 10 million copies. He was also a member of the hit TV program-cum-band, A Turma do Balao Magico. His adult career began after graduating from the Berklee College of Music, where his studies in production and his exposure to international sounds led to his distinctive style. Upon his return to Sao Paulo, he and a few fellow offspring of MPB masters formed the collective Projeto Artistas Reunidos (the Reunited Artists Project), which transformed the city's music scene. After signing with the storied label Trama, Jair released four self-produced, critically acclaimed albums. He also produced over 17 albums - including three that received Latin Grammy nominations - for other distinguished artists in Brazil, including Tom ZÈ and Wilson Simoninha. Jair has composed songs for countless artists, including Ed Motta, who referred to him as "the most influential songwriter to come out of Brazil since Edu Lobo."

Jair's latest album, Simples, was released on his own label, S de Samba. One song from the album, "Tiro Onda," became a theme song on a popular Brazilian soap opera, and another, "Eu Tambem Tive Sonho," was included on the soundtrack of Os Desafinados, a Walter Lima Jr. film about the bossa nova movement. Jair also starred in this film, which premiered at the MOMA last summer.

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