1601 Bayshore Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia

Covering uPortal, portlets (JSR-168), CAS, and Sakai

Conference Tracks:

The View from the Mountains - Enterprise Strategies

Topics include fitting the portal to the institution; where policy, requirements, and technology meet: executive planning and strategy, integration with infrastructure, channel strategy planning, identity management, web services models, project oversight, governance, portal selection, user requirements, working with functional offices, change management, marketing and promotion.

From Sea to Sky - System Implementation and Deployment

Topics span all aspects of portal development and operational infrastructure: code migration, performance, load balancing, using shrink-wrap portlets, content management, channel development, repository management, release management, project management, identity management, authentication and authorization, database management.

Gateway to the Specific - Technical Development

Topics cover the tools, techniques, and technologies we employ to carry us forward: Java IDEs, portlet development frameworks, channel development approaches, Spring, WSRP, AJAX, Eclipse, Hibernate, JavaServer Faces.

Official Website: http://www.ja-sig.org/conferences/06summer/

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