1300 Central AvenueNo address on record.
McKinnleyville, California

When J WAIL takes the stage get ready for a ecstatic ride that keeps you on your toes. J WAIL plays instruments ranging from a guitar thats makes thousands of noices, to keys, a groovebox, a horse....yes a horse (ok not a real one), to a Yang Chin (chinese dulcimer), and several more. With his strategic looping techniques J WAIL is able to contruct 'grooves' and 'funky atmospheric layers.' He says that his music is described as a 'spaceyfunkysillydreamyimaginative ride.' The songs range from flowy to electronic funk to zany. He tends to use aspects of sponteneity and improvisation to keep the element of suprise in full effect. So get your Space Dancing Boots ready for the ride and come to get down!Submitted by Eventful on behalf of humcity

Added by evdb on December 23, 2005

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