109 Commercial St
London, England

IXMAE Soundscape Series feat: ISAN + Ochre + A Lily + Rigil + Sleeprobot + Curium (Video Artist)
The IXMAE Soundscape Performance Series is a semi-annual mulit-city showcase sponsored by Dynamophone Records, intent on bringing to the public space interesting, moving and beautiful experimental/electronic/ambient pop music. IXMAE London presents new works by some of the U.K.s most innovative experimental electronic pop composers: from the tweetronic masters, Isan - presenting new material from their new album 'Plans Drawn in Pencil' – to the metroscapes of Ochre - performing works from his upcoming album 'Lemodie' - electronic music has never been so lovely. Curium presents the world premiere of 'Nowever' a video installation lovingly reinterpreting the works of E.E.Cummings, and A Lily performs dulcet-guitar-laced laptop valentines, a project by Yndi Halda guitarist James Vella. Rigil does homage to the English landscape incorporating electronics, video and dance, whilst Sleeprobot makes time stand still with his ambient guitar work.

Official Website: http://www.spitz.co.uk/venue.htm

Added by illperson on July 12, 2006