215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Matthew Milan, principal at Normative, will be presenting at our next meeting.

About the talk

Saab Owners Never Forget: The Role of Novelty in Interaction Design

Affordance and consistency are nice: nobody complains when you create something that is easy to use. But in the business world, being usable or even useful just isn't enough. Experiences need to stand out and drive brand recognition.
The talk will explore the role of novelty in interaction design, and how it can be applied to create memorable branded interactions. In addition to digging into examples of how novel interactions have been used to build and reinforce brand affinity, the session will also explore the theories behind the use of novelty in design. Novelty isn’t about making things different for the sake of being different. Instead novelty is a driver of innovation and change, and helps to more closely connect experiences with brands.

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of why novelty matters in interaction design, and what considerations go into using novelty to create strategic business advantage.

We'll head to The Rivoli for drinks after the event.

Please RSVP here on Upcoming if you plan to attend.


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Someone should record this for me. Seriously. Just for me... Com'on I'm worth it... Maybe others can watch it to. Me first... except for the people there live of course.