585 Howard Street
San Francisco, California 94105

Join us as we host Alan Cooper for this month's IxDA SF event. Alan will be giving us a reprise of his IxDA Interaction|08 conference keynote, which caused a stir and much dialog in the community about quality and agile development.

This event is free and open to everyone!

An Insurgency of Quality

In the absence of effective post-industrial age management tools, people plead for speed and innovation, but what they really want is quality. It's up to us, the interaction designers, to lead the way out of the chaotic world of misdirected, misdesigned, and mismanaged products to a world where high quality and high tech go hand in hand. Alan Cooper will issue a manifesto for revolution, showing us how to take control of an industry careening crazily into confusion, and restore visibility and manageability, along with higher revenue and profit margins, by starting an insurgency of quality.

about Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper is a pioneer of the modern computing era. He is credited with creating what many regard as the first serious business software for microcomputers, and his groundbreaking work in software invention and design has influenced a generation of programmers, designers, and business people and helped a generation of users.

For the last 15 years, Alan's interaction design consultancy, Cooper, has helped companies invent powerful, usable, desirable digital products via his unique methodology, Goal-Directed Design. A cornerstone of this method, Personas has been broadly adopted across the industry. Alan is the author of two industry best-selling books, About Face and The Inmates Are Running the Asylum and is widely known as the "Father of Visual Basic".


Hot Studio
585 Howard Street, First Floor
San Francisco

6:30 pm – Social hour with light refreshments
7:00 pm – Presentation

Presented by IxDA-SF and Hot Studio.

Official Website: http://ixda.org/

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Joshua Kaufman

One word: HOT.


I have never seen Alan Cooper present before, but I have been waiting for a long time! I am having the excitement for sure!


Dear "accomplice:" Please to be not having the excitement on the Hot Studio floor or chairs.