107 SE Washington St., Suite 520,
Portland, Oregon 97214

Join us for our monthly IxDA Portland meetup. Co-Leader Barbara Holmes will lead an exercise called the Customer Journey, a technique for doing user research.

As IxD practitioners we’re pretty familiar with user research techniques like personas and scenarios. How do you take this research and bring it to life for stakeholders at the business unit level or higher? One technique is the customer journey. This month, we’ll explore customer journeys as a way to illustrate user research and align it with client’s business and marketing goals. We’ll practice creating one by taking a look at a journey we’ve all made; deciding to be involved in the IxD profession.

Barbara Holmes, User Experience Architect at ISITE Design and co-leader of the Portland IxDA chapter, will lead the discussion about customer journeys. She and Jeanne will then facilitate the activity, and follow-up discussion.

In the activity, we’ll work individually to draw our own journey to the IxD profession. Where did you start? What drew you to the practice? What learning/training did you engage with? What are you doing now? After individual work, we’ll break into small groups where you’ll share your journeys with each other. The goal is to find common threads or patterns. Finally, you’ll present those commonalities and patterns to the group in a small group presentation.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, designers and non-designers alike.

IxDA Portland is the local chapter of the Interaction Design Association (http://www.ixda.org/local/ixda-portland)

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Olmpic Mills doors lock and the elevator quits going past the 2nd floor at 5:30. How do we access at 6 and after?