236 E. 3rd St betw Ave. B and C
New York City, New York 10009

Look out, world – you’re out for revenge.

Remember that boss who degraded and defamed you, swearing you’d never go anywhere, never amount to anything? And now you’re sitting pretty, doin’ what you love, while he sells soap door-to-door? Or what about the ex who dumped you, claiming she needed “someone more stable,” then hooked up with some guy peddling wine cork figurines on the street? “Living the dream,” he was but today you’re on your book tour, reading excerpts aloud to the masses and getting reviewed in the NYT. Or maybe you once had enough of roaches, rats, and rubbish in your home, and took your landlord to town – literally downtown, to housing court, where you handed him his ass on a sticky trap while he sought penance for forcing you to live in squalor.

Oh to settle scores, to seek vengeance in all its much-deserved glory. You’re our hero and for just five minutes, on a hot sweltering August evening, we want to live vicariously, devour each and every word, bow at your Havaianas as you tell of The Great Reprisal.

Come one, come all to the East Village mecca known as The Nuyorican, drop your name in a hat, and see if you’re one of the lucky 10 chosen to share your five-minute saga of sweet revenge. Of course, if you’re the one from whom restitution was sought, you’re welcome to tell that tale too…just be prepared for cringes and snickers over cheers and salutes.

Official Website: http://www.themoth.org

Added by nikjc on July 27, 2008