800 Bethany Drive
Scotts Valley, California 95066

The murder mystery has long captivated and thrilled audiences. This theater season, mystery writer Jeff Greenwalt has created a festival of Whodunits for Golden Crow Theater at Bethany University. Packed with creepy butlers, femme fatales, poison darts, and isolated mansions, this trio of spine chilling mysteries promises good old-fashioned family fun – And when you order tickets to two of the shows, you get the third show free!
The Butler Did It
written by Tim Kelly
April 9th, 17th and 30th at 8pm, April 24th at 2pm, May 8th at 8 pm
This spoof of English mysteries with a decidedly American flavor, finds Miss Maple, a society dowager noted for her imaginative week end parties, awaiting a group of detective writers at Ravenswood Manor. Here’s the first twist – they are to assume the personalities of their fictional characters. She's arranged all sorts of diversions - then a real murder takes place and the guests can only guess who’s next. When they're not busy tripping over the clues, the zany sleuths trip over one another!

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
written by Tim Kelly
April 16th and 24th at 8pm; April 10th at 2pm, May 1st at 2pm, May 7th at 8pm
Stand by for the wackiest mystery spoof in years! Sinister playwright Sebastian Sly, author of such fiascos as 'Dial M for Morose' and 'Ten Little Ninjas', lives in a disturbing old mansion known as “The Shadows.’ His nemesis, the clever but snide drama critic Sylvia Frye, hates thrillers and has brought about his well-deserved demise. Sebastian invites Sylvia to The Shadows for a ghastly and ghostly showdown …but there’s a twist in this tale that will make you gasp in surprise.

The House of Fear
written by Jeff GreenwaltApril 10th and 23rd at 8pm; April 17th at 2pm, May 1st at 8pm; May 8th at 2pm
When guests at a weekend party held at Musgrave Manor start to disappear one at a time, S. Holmes of Baker Street is called in to solve the murder. With a bitter old Scotsman, a bizarre housekeeper, a lion hunter and an opera star as suspects, Holmes quickly finds he may be in over his head.
All performances are at Bethany University: 800 Bethany Dr. Scotts Valley, Ca 95066
For more information or online ticket sales, visit http://goldencrow.org

Official Website: http://goldencrow.org

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