1871 N High St
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Twelve years ago, the groundbreaking documentary It's Elementary (37 mins., video) forever changed the way people thought about discussing gay and lesbian issues with children in a school setting.

The award-winning film became a catalyst for a national movement to teach children respect for gays and lesbians through classroom discussions. The new documentary It's Still Elementary (48 mins., video) explores the history of why the original film was made and examines the need the film fulfilled and continues to fulfill to this day.

Stay after the films for a panel discussion moderated by Brad Mitchell, director of the Franklin County Education Council, and featuring teachers from the Pink T.I.G.ers, a teacher inquiry group committed to fighting homophobia in schools. A dessert reception concludes the evening.

Educators who attend this film screening will be invited to sign-up for a follow-up workshop examining strategies to promote sensitivity in the classroom using a real-world arts integration project from a local school district.

Official Website: http://www.wexarts.org/fv/index.php?eventid=3229

Added by Wexner Center on August 29, 2008