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This seminar is about how companies and countries can attain the local and global economic benefits of IT and software outsourcing through allshoring. It features the initial release of new research -- on US onshoring and nearshoring -- conducted by outsourcing luminary Rita Terdiman, formerly the lead outsourcing advisory researcher at Gartner. Also participating are well-known allshoring experts including Steve Mezak, author of Software without Borders, Bryan Mekechek, of neoIT, and Rusty Weston, editor-in-chief of Global Services Magazine.

The seminar is structured as three panels, each with audience Q&A. Panelists will explore what's worked in outsourcing and what hasn't. Task matters -- design, coding, testing. Customer maturity level matters -- start-up, growing, mature. Methods matter - formal specifications vs. agile. Product matters - product extension vs. product innovation. Developers, like Hyperion's CDO, Robert Gersten, will share their good and bad experiences setting up their multi-lab, multi-shoring approach. Top onshore, nearshore and offshore providers of software engineering services as well as legal and outsourcing experts, who can negotiate outsourcing projects or set up wholly owned subsidiaries abroad, will discuss patterns for successful outsourcing -- What's risky, What's safe and sane, How agile methods and outsourcing can be combined. Regions for special focus are expected to include the US between shores, Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia, South Asia, Brazil and Latin America.

$15 SDForum & ITAA Members, $20 non members; at the door at the door add $20 for ITAA and SDForum members, others $30.

Official Website: http://www.sdforum.org/SDForum/Templates/CalendarEvent.aspx?CID=2060&mo=12&yr=2006

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