1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York City, New York 10019

Grapple with the challenges of enterprise IT in the era of power grid shortages, escalating consumption, cost increases, and carbon footprint growth at the 4th Annual Institute Research Symposium: LEAN, CLEAN, and GREEN (April 13-16, 2009, Hilton New York Hotel).
Share knowledge on innovation in alternative energy, efficiency transformation, non-toxic recyclable electronics, and truly green data center operations.
Help the industry develop approaches to high-density data center computing that are more economically, operationally, and environmentally sustainable. Participate in a global Townhall event on energy efficiency, made possible by Cisco Telepresence.
Visit the www.uptimeinstitute.org for more information including News, Symposium Program, Symposium Underwriters/Exhibitors, and registration information.

Official Website: http://www.uptimeinstitute.org/

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Keynote speakers: Tom ("Hot, Flat & Crowded") Friedman, Google's Energy Czar Bill Weihl, Uptime Institute's own Ken Brill, a live global Cisco Telepresence Townhall on energy efficiency. Registration is double last year, but there's still room.

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