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Crispin Hellion Glover returns with the second installment of a trilogy that began with WHAT IS IT?. Glover's latest film is another mind-bending foray into unexplored territory that will challenge expectations and defy conventions. The screenwriter, Steven C. Stewart, is also the star (Stewart had cerebral palsy and passed away shortly after filming). The film begins in a nursing home, with our "hero" lying helpless on the floor. While he is being carried back to his bed, the world shifts into one where his charms are recognized and the ladies swoon, leading to a series of torrid sexual conquests. But the man's years of frustration at being an outcast have planted a dark and evil seed. Soon his actions take a morbid turn. Glover uses his visionary cinematic skills to bring to life the graphically explicit psychosexual fantasy world of a man shunned by women and society who lusts after intimacy, acceptance, and a full head of long hair. The beauty of Glover's direction lies in his ability to create an atmosphere that is strange and unsettling, sensual and erotic. Through Stewart's caustic fantasy life, Glover subverts the conventional devices of a suspense film and makes an audacious statement on the conundrum of sexual politics. Join us on Saturday night as we reprise Glover’s unique, mythic, visionary film WHAT IS IT!, which screened to three sold out crowds last year.

All performances proceeded by Glover’s one-hour slide show, which consists of ten different stories dramatically narrated by Glover himself. The slides are from pages of books that he has reworked with original and transformed art.

Official Website: http://www.wigglyworld.org/cinemas/crispinglover.php

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