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Learning Objectives:

This course is in preparation for the examination of the ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation level certificate, adminstered by the ASTQB.

Learn the basic needs required to become a software test professional and enhance your career with an internationally recognized test certification. This intensive workshop style class provides industry best practices, methods, techniques and standardized internationally developed test terminology. Testing can help you detect defects, saving costly and embarrassing field failures.

This program provides testers with the ability to implement and communicate more effectively with engineers and developers resulting in greater test presence throughout the software lifecycle. This course is based on the curriculum of the "ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation level", which covers the topics, tasks, methods and techniques of software testing. Participants will become familiar with all steps of the software testing process, planning to specification, up to the execution of tests. .

* Learn the basics of software testing and how to apply software testing techniques
* Encourage greater test presence within your organization
* Have the opportunity to take the ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level Exam

Added Bonus: every attendee takes home a copy of
"Foundations of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification" by Dorothy Graham, Erik van Veenendaal, Isabel Evans, and Rex Black
Course Information


* 3 Days


Included in the price is $250 exam fee paid to the ASTQB. The exam is scheduled to take place at the end of the thrid day.

Basics of Software Testing

* What is testing?
* Motivation for Testing
* Costs of Quality
* Quality Assurance
* Difference in Testing vs. Debugging
* Limits of Testing
* Test Process Phases
* Test Oracle
* Prioritization of Test Cases
* Psychology of Testing

Testing in the Software Life Cycle

* Test Process and Development Process
* Distinction: testing - checking, verification - validation
* Testing Within Various Development Lifecycles
* Verification vs. Validation
* Test Processes
* Module Tests
* Integration Test Strategies
* System Tests
* Acceptance Tests
* Regression Tests
* Benefits of early tests
* Test planning
* Test environment, documentation, and test data source requirements

Test Tools

* Categories of Test Tools
* Test Management Tools
* Test Execution Tools
* Selecting and Evaluating a Test Tools

Static Testing

* Walkthroughs, Reviews, Inspections
* Review Process
* Roles of Participants
* Advantages of Static Analysis
* Limitations of Static Analysis
* Control Flow Analysis
* Data Flow Analysis
* Software Complexity

Dynamic Testing

* Black Box vs White Box
* Equivalence Class Partitioning
* Boundary Value Analysis
* State-Based Testing
* Statement Coverage
* Branch Coverage
* Condition Coverage
* Path Coverage
* Instrumentation

Test Management

* Organization – Roles and Responsibilities
* Tasks of the Test Manager
* Test Planning
* Reporting
* Economics of Testing
* Incident Management
* Configuration Management
* Norms and Standards


A basic understanding in information systems is recommended but not necessary.

Target Audience:

Test Specialists, Test Engineers, Test Managers, Developers, Quality Managers

Official Website: http://www.methodpark.com/en/training/courses-details/istqb-certified-tester-foundation-level/

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