35 W Sunset
Issaquah, Washington 98027

Just thought I'd like meet some local tweeters. :)

It's in Issaquah, but all East Siders (and Seattlites) are welcome! Please, if you know of any others who would like to get out of the house one night - INVITE THEM. I don't know enough Issaquah twitterati, and the week between Christmas and New Year's seems good enough.

Weather conditions permitting, of course - I'll post updates on http://twitter.com/chrispirillo (especially in the hours leading up to the tweetup).

You're paying for your own food / beverages, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend this event for kids. I don't know how many attendees to anticipate - but if need be, we could spill over somewhere else.

Added by lockergnome on December 22, 2008



Chris, I really wish I could go. But I'll see you at another tweetup! :)

Brett Nordquist

I'll be there as long as the weather cooperates.


CrapMonkey Travis

Always looking for a reason to have a Rogue. I'll be there... weather permitting.


W00t! Ménage a frog and a Tweetup? I'm so there.