2020 Addison St
Berkeley, California 94704

Previously known as Jane Siberry, Issa built up a vast following with her angelic voice, otherwordly, enigmatic charm, mysterious and unsettling music and powerful live performances.

In 2006 the singer changed her name, gave away her home and most of her possessions, and began a new journey of "living her to-do list," including writing and recording a collection of songs that tell a "Scheherezadian" story over the course of three CDs, starting with last year's Dragon Dreams.

Tonight, Issa showcases songs from the second CD of the trilogy, With What Shall I Keep Warm?, an invitation into her "living room" where the conversation will no doubt take some unexpected turns. From "Eden (Can't Get This Body Thing Right)" to "Then We Heard a Shout," the songs are portraits of the human condition in all its glorious mystery, all with the unmistakable creative stamp of this unique artist.

Official Website: http://www.freightandsalvage.org/2009/0912-december/info_091201.html

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