(Excerpt below from event organiser)

Following my call, I am pleased to send you the agenda for the ISP Future Content Models and Enforcement Strategies Summit, which is taking place on 7-8th July, at the Holiday Inn, London Kensington Forum and is being hosted by London Business Conferences. This important event will reassess new business models for content sharing revenue and develop effective strategies to restrict the spread of unlawful downloading. It will present a unique forum for VPs of Content and Regulatory Affairs from a range of ISPs, as well as Heads of Anti-Piracy and VPs of Digital Distribution from leading content providers across the music, film and home video industries, as they try to combat unlawful downloading activities and monetise content in the new media era.

We will be drawing key figureheads from policy and regulation in Europe and the UK to discuss implications of proposed legislation; how would it work; what are the legal and technical implications; does “3 strikes” really mean you are out? The summit will explore the latest on legislative proposals from countries who have already made decisions going forward both for and against policy, namely France, Belgium and Sweden. This will also help ISPs to evaluate the mechanics of a self-regulatory model and understand how to reach an agreement for a voluntary code of practice that suits all stakeholders.

This Summit also has value in that we will be examining how to legitimise content on the Internet and develop realistic commercial frameworks between ISPs and content providers to enable greater content sharing in a more reliable and responsible manner. We will explore the most recent technology solutions and business models to allow greater access to content and monetise the value of content to today’s users – but, on reasonable, commercial terms with the ISPs, and in ways that re-engage the consumer.

Official Website: http://www.isp-content-regulation.com/

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