Temple Street, Central Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Pants Yell!
The Mules
Hats and Glasses

Cambridge YWCA
7 Temple St, Central Square
7pm $9 17+

:::Islands:::ex-Unicorns from Montreal. Nicholas "Niel" Diamonds and J'aime Tambour playing music together again. .....pop fancy people from montreal carrying on in the ashes of their former mythical friend of a band. the fucking sass that these guys have!!

:::Pants Yell!:::......nice kids playing tunes, taking walks, sipping drinks, and singing about it. like jonathan richman's recent work if he wasn't a creep.

:::The Mules:::......b-52s ass scam allston scum kids with a penchant for os mutantes rather than the exploited or joy division

:::Hats and Glasses:::......after recording smile(finally) brian wilson used his morphing machine and transformed himself into two guys from tennesee and a girl from new hampshire living in allston. he then wrote some songs. when he entered the machine he failed to notice the pavement and super friendz lps still inside, and thus his dna was changed forever.

presented by Bodies of Water Art and Crafts

Added by girl on November 22, 2005