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Antony Ryan and Robin Saville have been releasing music as ISAN since 1996. Having recorded in the past for various labels (and whilst still enjoying the occasional dalliance) they now consider Morr Music to be their spiritual home.

Now based in Southend and Wiltshire respectively, Robin and Antony work separately from each other most of the time, communicating via post and internet. Periodically notes are compared and directions noted, the end result is a hopefully coherent body of work for which the pair consider themselves jointly responsible.

The ISAN live experience has been in existence for a few years now. Seemingly based around a large tangle of wires and an ever-growing collection of lucky cats, ISAN can occasionally be seen squinting into the lights around the uk and further afield.

In addition to maintaining his half of the ISAN bargain, Robin also releases tunes by some of his favourite artists on his own label, Arable Records.

ISAN use and endorse tea.


Tomcats In Tokyo
Formerly a duo, Tomcats In Tokyo is now the alias of only one half - French electronica artist Fabrice Rey. He has recorded music for such respected labels as Static Caravan, Awkward Silence, U-Cover and Ai Records.

The debut album, Sweet Gloomy Home is an epic, emotive, atmospheric and iridescent beauty that is anything but formulaic, bringing to mind the likes of Autechre, Four Tet and Thomas Brinkmann.

Offering crunchy melodic beat driven electronica, Tomcats In Tokyo's music is a fusion of absorbing icy beats with clicks and brightly coloured techno building blocks reminiscent of Thomas Brinkmann and Boards Of Canada.


Keyboard Choir
A special ambient set from the local collective.

"We started out in Oxford during winter 2004, wanting to create live music with the turbulence and dynamics of 'traditional' ensemble performance using purely electronic sound sources - keys, synths, drum machines, samplers, fx boxes, laptops.
We toyed with the idea of being a loose, random collective with people coming and going but it didnt work, it was too loose and random. Got our act together and played some fantastic gigs, including supporting Coldcut at Being In Motion. We continue to develop new materal and perform at events in Oxford and London."


Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/vpop

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