105 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3E6

5:00pm sharp to 6:20pm, Wednesday, May 10, Room 134 (Ground Floor), Rotman School of Management, 105 St. George Street, Toronto

You and your guest(s) are invited to attend a special presentation on market volatility by Robert Shiller, Resor Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University, and fellow at the International Center for Finance, Yale School of Management. Prof. Shiller is the author of several books including Irrational Exuberance (Yale University Press, first edition 2000), the bestselling investment classic. The book is an analysis and explication of speculative bubbles, with special reference to the stock market and real estate. Copies of the latest edition will be available for sale for $21.00 plus GST. Event registration will be available from 4:30 to 5:00. Starting at 5:00 sharp Prof. Shiller will speak for about 50 minutes and then answer questions from attendees. The session will adjourn no later than 6:20.

Prof. Shiller received his B. A. from the University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has written on financial markets, financial innovation, behavioral economics, macroeconomics, real estate, statistical methods, and on public attitudes, opinions, and moral judgments regarding markets. His 1989 book Market Volatility (MIT Press) is a mathematical and behavioral analysis of price fluctuations in speculative markets. His 1993 book Macro Markets: Creating Institutions for Managing Society's Largest Economic Risks (Oxford University Press) proposes a variety of new risk-management contracts, such as futures contracts in national incomes or in real estate that would permit the management of risks to standards of living. His book The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century (Princeton University Press, 2003, 2004, and in 8 foreign language editions) is an analysis of an expanding role of finance, insurance, and public finance in our future.

He has been research associate, National Bureau of Economic Research since 1980, and has been co-organizer of NBER workshops: on behavioral finance with Richard Thaler since 1991, and on macroeconomics and individual decision making with George Akerlof since 1994. He serves as Vice President of the American Economic Association and President of the Eastern Economic Association. He writes a column "Finance in the 21st Century" for Project Syndicate, which publishes around the world.

The fee to participate on May 10 is $49 per person plus GST. For alumni of the Rotman School or the University of Toronto the fee is $39 per person plus GST. You may wish to bring a client or colleague. Dress is business casual. Underground parking is available. The entrance is just south of the Rotman School. The net proceeds from the seminar and book sale will be invested in our Rotman Vision Fund where they can be directed to the School's most pressing needs.

If you have not already registered, please do so by noon on May 10. Register on-line here or visit the Rotman events page - http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca./events/index.htm to register on-line. Any questions can be directed to [email protected] or by calling 416-946-7462.

If you know others who would be interested in receiving this invitation, please forward it to them. Alternatively you can email us their contact details (mailto:[email protected]) and we will invite them.

Official Website: http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/events/index.htm

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