1055 5th Avenue
San Diego, California 92101

Iron & Wine performs his hushed lullabies just for you at the House of Blues. Tickets will be $20-$22 and you should buy in advance because this will be a sell out concert.


Added by Oerdin on July 13, 2005



Nothing against Samuel Beam, I like his music, but venues need to stop ass-raping people. $25 was a lot for Digable Planets, and that's a band with a HUGE reputation. Even John Scofield at the Belly Up is just $15. But $20 to see Iron & Wine?? It's one guy! and he's not even that popular! It won't even sell out. What a bunch of bullshit.


OMG it's with Calexico! Now it makes sense! Go go go go go!



They've done an EP together - "In the Reins". Will be released before the gig. Meanwhile, my SoulSeek wishlist awaits...



venues ass-raping people?? how about TICKET-MOTHERRAPING-MASTER charging a $7.95 convenience fee on a $20 ticket. we should march on Congress.

see you there


can i get a consensus... who thinks this will sell out?