612 - 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta

Roberts Greenwald, as his feisty Brave New Films studio did with "Wal-Mart", now he focusses on the true stories of victims of companies the likes of Halliburton, Blackwater and many others who operate at tremendos profit with virtually no accountability in Iraq, either for ensuring that American soldiers receive appropriate and timely support.

Don't think this is just an American issue! Alberta companies and those with Calgary offices are active and profitable in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones. See this film and learn about Calgarian war profiteers and hear from Calgarians what the Iraq situation is actually like.

$10 - 100% Calgary Dollars accepted
Tickets available at the door
Children and youth under 15 are free

Co-sponsored by the Canada Democracy and International Law (CANDIL) and The Calgary Coalition Against War and Occupation (CCAWO).

Official Website: http://films.arusha.org/

Added by Grant Neufeld on October 5, 2006