1825 Abrams Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75214

Host: Institute for Policy Innovation. The past few months have seen an unprecedented movement on the part of Americans around the country making their voices heard through Tea Parties, town hall meetings, and the recent 9/12 March on Washington. So what’s the next step? To be the most effective citizen possible, you need to be informed on the key issues of the day, so that you can educate your fellow citizens and interact in an informed way with elected officials and their staff. There’s no need to dust off that old civics textbook or to get a degree in political science or economics. Lewisville-based Institute for Policy Innovation is pleased to offer a new program: A half-day Policy Boot Camp to help you get up-to-speed on health care reform, tax and fiscal policy, and the basics of both Washington DC and our own Texas government processes. A box lunch will be provided, and our special guest speaker will be WBAP’s own Mark Davis!

Official Website: http://www.ipi.org/IPI/IPIevents.nsf/7e95259cfadf295d862568960056d82f/12c61090948984fa86257640005bad0f?OpenDocument

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HP Libertarian

Looking forward to this IPI event as the Libertarian Party of Dallas County continues its campaign preparations for the 2010 elections.