828 W. Sixth Street
Austin, Texas

In the spirit of the ad-hoc nature of BarCamp, a small group of us have decided to capitalize on the news of the iPhone SDK and throw an impromptu event on developing for the iPhone, promising the attendance of a number of the original iPhone native app developers! This event will coincide with BarCampAustinIII during SXSW in Austin and will take place at GSD&M | idea city at 828 W 6th St.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/iPhoneDevCampAustin

Added by factoryjoe on March 8, 2008



Today was a fun day and was good to meet everyone and talk about the iphone. If you put your name on the signup sheet we will be staying in touch as new things come to light about the SDK and developing for the iphone platform.

Rather than breaking, the iphone super hack fest has been continuing at Barcamp in the main room. We are probably going to keeping continuing here until 8:30 for sure rather than heading back to our hotel room. We have some people installing tool chains, general conversation about the SDK, some random hacking. Nothing structured but fun. Join us if you like.

Tomorrow we might be around hacking as well. Send an email to [email protected] if you want to be involved either tomorrow or in the future.