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Startup House is calling all tech interns to prove their worth this August. We are sponsoring our first venture weekend event focused entirely around the iPhone.

Venture Weekend provides the resources and networking necessary to build a company from scratch. Focusing on learning through creating, the event brings together a focused group of developers and entrepreneurs to create a product in one weekend. Leaders and innovations will emerge! The best of the best from all disciplines.

The event is a 2 day long, no-holds barred hackathon emphasizing rapidly developing and prototyping sustainable businesses and fostering innovation at all levels. During the two days, participants will choose a mobile business project presented by other participants, break into teams, and learn valuable lessons about bringing a real, valuable product to market.


Friday - August 14
6:00pm - Food, drinks, and mingling
7:30pm - Project Pitching {Want to pitch your idea? Grab our pith dck}
8:30pm - Group Voting and Selection
9:00pm - Discussion, design, and paper prototyping begin

Saturday - August 15
9:00am - Coding Continues
12:00pm - Lunch
-- Hourly drop-ins from entrepreneurs to provide advice, help and suggestions --
6:00pm - Dinner: Open-Mic for Entrepreneurs
9:00pm - Project Checkup and Group Review

Sunday - August 16

9:00am Coding Continues

12:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Final Coding Sprint
6:00pm - Prototypes Due
7:00pm - Project Presentations
9:00pm - Networking, drinks and congratulations

For more details on Venture Weekend, please visit http://www.startup-house.com/venture-weekend

Official Website: http://iphoneventureweekend.eventbrite.com/

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