622 SE Grand Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Interested in developing for the iPhone?

This class is designed to get you started. Fast.

We'll be covering:

• Objective-C Fundamentals
• The Cocoa Frameworks
• Developing in Xcode
• iPhone application development, from the ground up
• Hands-on development exercises and collaboration

• Development experience
• C, C++, Java, PHP, C#, VB.net, Ruby, or other OO language experience
Your own Mac. We’ll be developing on our own machines at this time. Macforce rents laptops starting at $25/day, though
• Mac OSX 10.5.5
Not required: iPhone or iPod touch

Registration Closes Mon, Jan. 26th. 5pm

Class instructor: Dave Shanley

Full event information

Cancellation Policy

Cost covers facilities, materials, lunch, snacks. Hope to see you there!

Official Website: http://nixwire.com/classes

Added by nixwire on January 9, 2009



Looks like a great event. I added it to the iPhone Developers Group.


Fantastic, thanks! I plan on doing a series of these with this being the first one.


So I signed up for this. I think...
I paid the $399 now what.
I didn't get a confirmation?



Thanks! I received notification of your reservation, and I'll send you the detailed agenda as follow up with directions and hours. You should received a confirmation from Amazon Payments -- let me know directly if you don't. I'll process the charges on the day of the class. See you there.


I'm travelling from Canada, so I need to make sure the class isn't going to be cancelled due to attendance. Can you tell me if you have enough people already.


Just wanted to confirm for any others interested out there that the class is on. Email if you have any questions. Thanks!


Good Class!
Thanks Dave.


Looks like a great event.

Where's the best place to park? (I have to drive in from Newberg - there isn't a high speed train yet)