1309 E. 7th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

We'll be holding an iPhone DevCamp August 1-3, 2008 in conjunction with the main iPhone DevCamp over in San Francisco.

To register, send an email to iphonedevcamp-austin {AT} ddg {DOT} com.

WHERE: Conjunctured, 1309 E. 7th Street, Austin
WHEN: August 1-3, 2008

* August 1st Happy Hour, Bar TBD, but probably downtown (set the
tone for the weekend) and probably starting at 7pm
* August 2nd, hacking from 10am until they lock up the place
* August 3rd, hacking from 10am until 2pm

Who should sign up? Anyone who wants to actively learn iPhone development. This means: bring your MacBook (Pro) and get ready to hack.
If you just want to lurk, you're welcome to attend, but it will get very boring for you very fast.

The agenda is very loose at the moment, but there will be three general tracks:
* Broadcast feeds from San Francisco DevCamp
* Some overview/theory discussions of XCode, Objective-C, etc
* Hands-on tutorials and hackathons

Official Website: http://iphoneaustindev.com

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Good event IMHO. Less actual programming than I expected, but wonderful networking opportunities. I hope iHrrl (the rat game posted to the AppStore) will win something just for the humor of it.

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