Vijzelstraat 68
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1017 HL

Let's get together and teach each other how to make iPhone apps. Everyone from programming newbies to Objective-C masters are welcome!

Official Website:

Added by Peter Robinett on July 25, 2008


Peter Robinett

It's free.


is there a time to B there?

Peter Robinett

Hi all, I'm really excited to see so many people are interested. However, we're pushing the amount I can easily host at my office. I'm going to cap the attendance at 40 for now, but if anyone is willing to donate space or cash we can see about making this even bigger!


@wouterinho good tip! you just screwed me out of a perfectly fine working day tomorrow though :)


Can't we use the Mediamatic space that cocoadevhouse amsterdam used a while ago?


I'm sorry tizzle :P

Peter Robinett

@litebeam Do you know anyone at Mediamatic? I'm afraid I don't...


@peter i've pointed someone from mediamatic to this discussion, perhaps you'll get lucky :)


@litebeam there in a different building now though, but the new building should also have ample space for this kind of thing...

@peter maybe robert can help out as well since he's there also (duintjer)


I'm not going to be in Amsterdam anymore by then, but I'll suggest it to people who could find these things interesting.


I talked to the devvers and iphone owners here, and they think it's a great idea. So you are all welcome at the Vijzelstraat 68. Talk to Marco or Willem for more organizy stuff.


thanks nadya, i've sent peter marco and willem's mail addresses so he'll get in touch if he wants a bigger space i guess.


Would love to be there, is it full allready?

Peter Robinett

Bor, it's full for now. I'm working on getting a larger space. If I can get one, I'll reopen it.


Like camboi25 asked, what's the start/end time?

Also, what's the format like? I've never been to a Dev Camp like this so what's it like? Everybody bring their own iMac/MacBook and start programming? :)


@Peter, is vijzelstraat already full with 88? or are there lots of others not showing up on the list here?

Peter Robinett

@jeffryvu, @maartuh More details soon at!


Thanks Mediamatic for the location! See you guys there.


Thanks for making this possible! :-)


Excellent, looking forward to it!


Can't wait :D


Sounds great! And I invited a bunch of UK based Cocoa developers so hopefully there'll be plenty of people around to help.

Peter Robinett

Just a note, I am posting updates to We have some more announcements coming soon!


Oof, lots of people. Should be interesting.

SchoolMaster J

Any thoughts on the format? Number of people, stuff to bring, level of development?


Darn! I can't come cause I'm in the States. But at the moment already busy with iPhone development (both jailbroken & official)


Wanna demo the new Treasuremytext for iPhone app Marco?


Katie: Oh I don't know, I'm pretty terrible with that sort of thing..

Peter: maybe it's a good idea to make a short list of things attendees who haven't yet started making things but want to at the camp can and should do to prepare.

Obvious things like install the SDK of course, but also jailbreak your phone/iPod, install OpenSSH, etc. (or shell out the €79 for a real dev cert.) along with some links to info on how to get started with actually writing code, such as simple tutorials. (The one posted above isn't simple enough, nor does it detail how to get things onto your phone without a certificate.)

I've found that the initial learning curve (for those who do not yet speak ObjC) can be a bit high and it will take some time to get results beyond 'hey the slider moves and now this label updates!'. Doing this sort of thing beforehand saves a lot of time, allowing you to actually get something done during the camp.

And wow, people are still signing up..


Hey, I just found out about this event. I'm in!

Hopefully by next weekend my first app will (finally) be on the App Store. :-)

It will be fun to hang out with other iPhone developers!



can't make it to Amsterdam next week... but I hereby offer to organize the next iPhone Dev Camp. Let's say in October!


Pretty cool. Although I'm not a big fan of the Objective-C syntax, it's nice to be able to develop some stuff for the iPhone.

Peter Robinett

I've tried to answer all frequently asked questions here:

Peter Robinett

Sorry guys, the signups are closed for good:


Man, that is one ridiculous amount of people.

Peter: I hope you're bringing enough batter ;)

Corné van Bakel

If anyone is unable to attend, please send me an e-mail so I can take your spot. Thanks in advance!



Find me tomorrow if you want to work on the Mobypicture app! :)


Can you guys come up with a Jaiku app for the iPhone? It would make a perfect birthday present for Elmine. :)


hi Everyone,

I'm co-founder of iPhoneDevCamp. We're running an event this coming week to coordinate with iCE Amsterdam ( We can offer the entire three-day set of events for only 75 euros to iPhoneDevCamp alumni.

The special offer is here:

More info on the iCE part here: -- write to me for the discount URL, and a free copy of my book "140 Characters."

[email protected]

Thanks, and hope to see you there!